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About Us

The Loudoun Community Band, Inc., is a non-profit organization in the public interest. We provide opportunities for adults to give the gift of music to their neighbors.

We promote musical participation, education, appreciation and enjoyment in our community, and we enrich the cultural life of the community through our performances.

As an umbrella musical service organization, the Loudoun Community Band, Inc. fields two large and several smaller ensembles, including the Loudoun Symphonic Winds, the Loudoun Jazz Ensemble, the Loudoun Brass Quintet, and others. 

Loudoun Community Band, Inc. is a member of the Association of Concert Bands

Our Mission

The mission of the Loudoun Community Band is to bring satisfying musical experiences to its members and audiences; and to support music education as an integral part of student learning.

Corporate Information

Board of Directors

  • Debbie Herbert, President
  • Filiz Roser, Vice President
  • Althea Katona, Treasurer
  • Terri Smith, Secretary
  • Anne Hennessey, Marketing Director
  • Alex Minton, LSW Business Manager
  • Dr. Gilbert Corella, LSW Music Director & Principal Conductor
  • Steve Andersen, LJE Business Manager
  • John Paganelli, LJE Liaison
  • Tim Smart, at large member
  • Eileen Youngling, at large member
  • Donna LaRoss, at large member
  • Amber Pezan, at large member
  • Keith Blinn, at large member
  • Eric Showalter, Chair, Outreach Committee

Annual Reports

The Loudoun Community Band, Inc., as a publicly supported charitable organization, makes its yearly financial statements available to the public, linked below. LCB fiscal years end on August 31 of the year in question. We maintain extremely low administrative costs so that those who give to the Loudoun Community Band know that nearly every penny of their donations directly support our mission to provide satisfying musical experiences for our members and audiences.